Monday, April 30, 2007

Interactive Art Component in Ad.

Nokia Hong Kong launched interactive work as marketing material to establish a new maketing campaign ‘New’. Universal Everything is a studio that produced this piece. The interactive campaign focuses on showing newness and advanced technology of the new phone. The studio developed an interactive window display for Nokia shops in Hong Kong. The interactive theme still carries to interior design inside the shops and T-shirts as well.

Actually, this interactive component has been seen in many fine art installation such as Daneil Rozin’s Wooden Mirror <> , Geoffery Bell’s Penumbra <>, and Øyvind Kolås’s Now and Then <>

In short, from my point of view, experimental interactive art can influences advertising where newnesws quality is needed. Advertising can save some times achieving higher standard by selecting and applying interactive art component correctly. In order to use interactive advertising successfully, advertising producers have to study and understand the concept of interactive art.

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