Monday, April 23, 2007

TRYSUMER: Interactive media can help

March 2007, Consumers, the Generation C(ontent), are Trysumers. Experienced consumers expect to access to more information more than before. Sellers have to provide more than samples but trial of the products. They rent instead of buy; they try to make sure the products can satisfy them.

"While price and picture quality remain strong purchase motivators, competitive parity is making product features, functions and brand reputation less important to consumers," said Steve Kirkeby, executive director of telecommunications and technology research at J.D. Power and Associates. "In a market where there is increasing product parity, listening and effectively responding to the voice of the customer is crucial to manufacturers in providing products that will improve satisfaction and solidify loyalty."

The list of TRYSUMER observations goes on:

        •        As all things digital and virtual are so much easier to sample, TRYSUMERS and the online space are a match made in heaven. Expect a renewed interest in lifelike avatars, which can try out and try on anything on behalf of their real world alter-egos. Companies like My Virtual Model (which already partners with Sears, Land's End, H&M, Speedo and Adidas), and Gizmoz, a Flash-based 3D avatar product made from a single picture of a person plus their recorded voice. The company calls it 'bringing Pixar to the people'. (Source: Techcrunch.)

The TRYSUMER pay-off? According to My Virtual Model, shoppers using their solutions spend more, buy more and return far fewer items—resulting in higher sales and reduced shipping and handling costs.

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