Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Looked for help with programming

For the past weekend, I spent my time researching how to make the Bittorrent based installation work. I posted my issues on many webboards and asked many people. Here are the feedbacks although they are clear tutorial.

Jeff Atwood: Bittorrent Visualization with Processing


Feedback: His suggestions are he pull the code out of Google cache and refactor it to work with Processing. This is his tutorial.
Next Move: Try the code.

Source Forge.net Forum: Azureus home site
Feedback: No feedback
Next move: Wait, Post more.

Dan Morrill: A guy who wrote an article about getting info. from Azureus
Feedback: Try this program http://torrentfreak.com/generate-3d-worlds-from-your-p2p-traffic/
I have been playing around with it, and makes a 3d world of traffic coming from the PC.
Next move: Download the software and try it. The project name is Packet Garden. It’s a cool online data visualization using plants metaphor that each kind of plants represents each online informations. This is the official homepage. http://www.selectparks.net/~julian/pg/pmwiki.php?n=Main.HomePage

Slyck.com: Bittorrent Forum
Feedback: From IneptVagrant - The "azureus.statistics" file in Documents and Settings\[Profile]\Application Data\Azureus\ has the info in it. Its written to disk periodically with updated information. Make a simple .bat to cat the lines you need to a log, and set a schedule to run the script. I could write the .bat for you, but I don't use azerous. If you post the "azureus.statistics" file, perhaps I'll see what I can do.
Next move: Try to find a PC and find the file. Seems like he is more familiar with PC. This is the first time I feel life is harder using mac.

More inspiration reference
Breathing Earth: Flash based interactive art gathering the number of people born, die, and CO2 quantity dynamically. http://home.iprimus.com.au/dawidbleja/microcosm/pages/BreathingEarth-real.html

Packet Garden: Grow a world from network traffic. Packet Garden captures information about how you use the internet and uses this stored information to grow a private world you can later explore.

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