Tuesday, April 10, 2007

System work - Java and Flash dynamic app

This week I start to gather technical info. I think I’ll start with Azureus Client ‘cause is Java open source application, and the app shows the number of users online. I think it’s the best bet for me. Therefore, I checked out some Java and in-depth data-based and dynamic programming. Flash books to go over.

I also got some more information about Bittorrent based media from Justin Gardner. His name is Aaron Myers. He used Bittorrent users’ IP address to create a game. He also used Azureus client. I’ll contact him. Hopefully, I can find a shortcut, instead of reading a whole Java programming book.

Link to Aaron’s Torrent Raiders project site http://www.torrentraiders.com/proposal/ and his blog http://interactive.usc.edu/members/adm/

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