Sunday, April 22, 2007

Advertising Trend: Supporting my Hypothesis

Advertising Age, the April 19, 2007 issue, just reported that Toyata Yaris promoted TV spot in a new way in Smallville TV show embed commercial in the show concept. The commercial is two-minute comic book stylish TVC that leads to another interactive campaign on Smallville website <> . Therefore, there is no big commercial break that the audience will leave the screen to the bathroom. This TVC can guarantee that the Ad would be seen; moreover, the web game will count the number of users logging on the site to prove that how impact the ad does.

This shows that today’s commercials have to be embedded with the content because there are so many clutters in media that the audience will ignore every message. One of the solution is to render Ads. as contents, so they wouldn’t be junk messages for viewers.

The tie-in concept supports interactive adverting that the ad and content are one. The user can play and interact with the ad, so the ad can communicate more efficient. However, interactive ads have to due with the issue that how they can bring people to interact with because not everyone wants to hold his busy life and play with something all the time.

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