Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Thesis topic refine 2nd

I decided to change my coast to the music installation idea; however, I still keep the interactive advertising for my research paper. Therefore, the installation will be my example for a good interactive advertisement. I also develop my idea about the piece as well. The update version of the installation is called Pirate’s music box (PMB). The installation focuses on creating visual and sound out of bittorrent users.

PMB develops from the original idea about taking out pixels from a musician picture or audio to a new version with more interaction. PMB provides a chance for the audience to interact with the piece. PMB works like a music player that has a play and stop button. the user can control the index point or the playhead to play loop or to stop (see sketch for details.)

PMB allows users to click on the broken pixels. The user can use the mouse to click on broken pixel to hi-light them. Each hi-ligthed pixel works like a pin in a music box. When the playhead reaches a pin, the playhead sounds from PMB sound library. Each pin or pixel that is broken will contain the an IP address of an online user. The last two digits of each IP address will decide which sound should be played.

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