Friday, May 18, 2007

Refine 3rd thesis statement

This is my 3rd version of thesis statement.

Interactive media installations can help advertising catch an audience's attention. However, not every out-of-home interactive advertisement is successful in terms of the marketing impact that was expected. This thesis studies examples of both successful and failed out-of-home interactive advertising in order to develop a prototype interactive installation and accompanying guidelines to improve out-of-home interactive advertising.

This research covers these areas that involve advertising and marketing success.

Location: How does one pick a good out-of-home location for interactive advertising?
Target group: What are good targets group for interactive advertising?
Campaign Length : How long should the interactive advertising be displayed, and how long should the campaign run?
Time: How long should the participation take to participate with the piece?
Space: How big should the interactive installation be?
Interaction: What kind and level of interaction are suitable for interactive advertising?

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