Sunday, May 13, 2007

Motograph: Interactive music for marketing

Motorola is always famous for using music marketing correctly to achieve youth market. Motograph is another success about the use of a combination of interactive media and music. Motograph opened the campaign with an event that invited many graffiti artists to do graffiti with grow in the dark paint. Then the system translated the strokes into sound signals combined to songs that people can log on a website to download them. The audience also had a chance to join and paint themselves, and they could go to the site to load their self-graffiti translated ringtones.

However, the event was over, and Motorola does not provide the previous service anymore. Motograph transformed into web-based DIY ringtone maker. The users can pick any elements, text message, logo or graphic, to let the system translates them into ringtones that the users can download them into their Motorola cell phone.

This project is a good example of a successful project because it caught a lot of attentions and emphasized Motorola brand for the market. Also, the project shows an example of dynamic visual translation into sound, influence of music on interactive art, using music and interactive art as marketing components, and adaptation from interactive event into web-based interaction.

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