Friday, March 30, 2007

Thesis Statement

I decided to try to approach two from three pitches which are #1 and 3. Here are the thesis statements and the scopes of the projects.

1. What makes a sucessful out-of-home interactive advertising?

Thesis - While newness of interactive media is the quality that can help advertising to catch audiences attention, not every out-of-home interactive advertising is sucessful in the term of marketing impact as it was expected. The thesis studies example of both sucessful and fail out-of-home interactive advertising in order to develop a guideline to improve out-of-home interactive advertising on communication aspect.

Scope - Location: Study how to pick location in out-of-home interactive advertising
- Target group: Which are good target group of interactive advertising
- Time and space: what are the range of time and space for an interactive advertising piece. How long to participate and how big for the space of participant?
- Interaction: What kind and level of interaction fit for interactive advertising.
- Life cycle: How long for an installation should be use?

3. The sinking boat

Thesis - Interactive installation has a great advantage about catching the audience attention because of its newness quality. However, after the first experience, an installation loses the newness quality. Therefore, an interactive installation does not have a long aesthetic life because it does not have meaning or visual elements for the audience to discover like any other kinds of artworks. The sinking boat is an attempt to merge social message and aesthetic elements into interactive installtion that syncronizes with real-time in order to add artistic value to the art piece.

Scope- pop-culture influences in installation art
- social context in installation art
- music influences in installation art
- dynamic database in interactive installation art
- meaningful interactive installation art
- high aesthetic quality interactive installation art

Brief - (from the last post) An interactive installation that tries to convey a message about the fall of music industry. I'll bring up pictures of music legend like Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, etc... and devide them in pixels. And then, i'll sync those pixels in each picture with the among of online Bittorrent users. The pixels on of the pictures will be distorted depends on the number of the user. For example, 1000 users online, Jimi Hendrix's portait will be destroy 1000 pixels.


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