Friday, March 30, 2007

Thesis Pitches

I worked on many different ideas for my MFA.thesis at SCAD, and I came up with three ideas from two areas that I am passionate about.

Interactive advertising
1. What makes a sucessful interactive advertising? A study about why some good interactive ads don't work, and make all the working one works in order to develop a general guideline to produce interactive advertising.

2. How to utilize interactivity in advertising? Study when, how, and how much to use interactivity in advertising media.

3. The sinking boat: An interactive installation that tries to convey a message about the fall of music industry. I'll bring up pictures of music legend like Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, etc... and devide them in pixels. And then, i'll sync those pixels in each picture with the among of online Bittorrent users. The pixels on of the pictures will be distorted depends on the number of the user. For example, 1000 users online, Jimi Hendrix's portait will be destroy 1000 pixels.

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