Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Prototype3-Almost Completed Visual Comp

This is the almost completed visual comp for my DIGIA (Dynamic Information Generated Interactive Art) with the new name 'Let It Be.'

I switched for the picture of Jimi Hendrix into the Beatles' last album 'Let it be' to create a pun that imply my statement as artist towards today's music industry.

I divided the picture into 40x40 tiles, and then by default placed black and white music label logos into each tile. When every 1000 Bittorrent users get online, one tile flips into a Torrent client logo.

The automatic interactivity implies the domination of music sharing over the old days major labels sales.

Check out the demo here: http://www.umyot.com/thesis/prototype3/

1 comment:

Matt Ross said...

This is kickass stuff, Umyot!