Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thesis Statement 3

Thesis statement: In the 21st century, the blurring line between art and science and the information age encourage interactive artists to use information on the internet as an art element.

For centuries, artists have captured and transformed everything around them into art forms. From their daily lives to landscapes to religious beliefs to inner self-explorations, these art works have provided aesthetic experience and inspired generations. Today, in the information age, interactive artists explore beyond the real world. They communicate with the audience using information as an art element. Through artistic information visualization, information conveys not only data but also aesthetic experience and inspirations like another other art forms. 

Hook - The reasons why information becomes an element in interactive art and design.

1. Today, the line that divides art and science is blurring.

1.1. Artists are also scientists

1.2. Art and science influence each other.

2. Information visualization can reflect the world’s overall movement, social issues, and bias.

3. The activities on the Internet affect the real world. The activities and communities on the Internet become more meaningful to people’s way of life.

4. Since there is much information flowing on the internet, information visualization requires craftsmanship to design information architecture.

5. Example of information visualizations

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